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Starts at 6 minutes… The Rockstar gang hangs out with the legendary Achievement Hunter guys from Rooster Teeth…

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I have been collecting comics since I was in fifth grade.   During college my habit decreased, only to come back in full force.  However, getting to the comic book shop has always been a drama.   Back in the late 90s I became friends with some guys in the industry who told me about a mail order service called Jacey Services.   I’ve used them ever since.   I pick standing titles I want to get every month(Walking Dead, Fables, etc) and they show up in a package at my door, including a 15% discount off the cover price and no tax.   It’s brilliant.  Every month you get emailed a file.  Open it in the Jacey software and you see your standing orders plus you can click any new titles you want to check out – click a button and submit your order.   If you get the book Previews as part of your order you see art and listings for comic books coming out in 3 months.   The guy that runs the service is named Jack and he owned a bookstore in Pennsylvania which he shut and now exclusively does a monthly(or weekly if you like) comic book service.

Check it out here

If you try it out, let him know I sent you.   I’ve been getting comics from him for 15 years now!  And leave recommends for comics in the comments section.   Some currents I’m getting:  Detective Comics, Fairest, Hinterland, Punisher, Constantine, Coffin Hill, Manifest Destiny, Walking Dead, Fables, Wolverine, Shadow, Dead Boy Detectives, Sandman Overture – among others..


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Very funny comedian Jim Norton has posted his standup special online – only $5

Download it here


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I don’t really know where to begin – but this show is off the charts.   What was revealed today – I don’t think anyone saw this coming…      I’ve said it before, but Wayne is a superhero.

The Lazlow Show Episode 51 can be downloaded here.

Beats mostly provided by my favorite DJ – DJ Schmolli




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The Lazlow Show Episode 51

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In October of 1997 my old ass car literally died.  It was the car I had driven from Missouri to New York through a blizzard to work at WDRE FM.   So I bought my first new car.  A Honda Civic DX.   No air conditioning(it was an expensive option.  I later learned to regret this decision).   I’ve driven it ever since.    I’ve never been overly impressed with cars – to me they are a drama from start to finish.   From the moment you begin the horrible task of speaking to a car dealership cretin, to the insane rates that you get charged by insurance companies, to the traffic/speed cameras that have infiltrated every city, I’d much rather take a train or ride a bike than boil in road rage for the pleasure of going to a strip mall.  Plus, I have a knack for denting and dinging cars, which makes the prospect of owning a new one worrying.

When GTA3 came out I put a sticker on the window.   I’ve done the same with every GTA since.   The Technofile sticker peeled off.   The snowboarding, bodyboarding and Johnny Cash stickers cracked and faded.  But the GTA ones still look great.

During the week my car sits at the train station.   It gets run into by morons pounding tall boy Bud Lights on the way back from a Manhattan union job or a Wall Street job.  They stumble off the train and out to their vehicles and play bumper cars.  Typically I am not around for such incidents, but a particularly amazing one occurred when I was driving slowly out of the parking lot .  A girl in her early 20′s was driving in reverse while talking on her mobile phone and ran into me.  Her father showed up, shouted at her, and offered me money.   I declined, saying that the scratch and dent now matches the one on the other side of the car.

I put the car up for sale this week, which was really difficult.   109,500 miles.  For a car 16 years old.     Shortly after I bought it in 1997, a guy I had just met named Wayne said his car died and he had no way to get to work.  I let him borrow the car even though I barely knew him.    It cemented our relationship on the spot.   And while typing this just now, I got a text message from Wayne saying he wants to buy it.   It is heartwarming to know that there will be a friend doing despicable things in it instead of a stranger.  I hope he doesn’t have a black light.

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New Years Eve was great.   I like totally got drunk while playing GTAV and was asleep by 11pm.  And then someone cursed God with furious anger and an arctic vortex thing spiraled down from Canada, and suddenly it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  And it snowed a lot.   So I drove to the ski slope, nearly wrecking my car after losing control on a steep ass icy hill, and I went up the mountain and snowboarded in a foot of fresh powder.   And it was -1 outside.   And it was all pretty exhilarating because I felt like I was simultaneously on top of the world and going to die like the end of the Shining.   The movie.  Not the book.  In the book everything blows up at the end.

I’ve been keeping things pretty low key as far as the Internet is concerned.   The last 3 months have been astronomical and awesome so thanks for all the good energy.

And to kick off 2014 – Reed, Wayne and I are going to get together in the next few weeks and do a show.

Details coming soon.

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Last week wrapped up the radio tour.  What a whirlwind.  Thanks to all the stations we visited in Chicago, LA, San Fran, Portland, London, Scotland, Liverpool, Boston, St. Louis and Minneapolis.

And thanks to all the fans.  Hope you like the game!

Absolute Lazlow

2 Hour show on absolute radio was a blast. Go download it.


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Starting Monday I will be traveling to a bunch of different cities for GTAV.

Chicago – LA – San Francisco – Portland – London – Boston – St Louis – Minneapolis – New York

I will be updating times and stations on the Twitter



I will be driving an ill ride that is certain to impress the ladies into coitus.

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“An Army spokeswoman said the Army does not provide hormone therapy or sex-change surgery.”


Glad that’s all cleared up.

Full story here


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One third of visits to the emergency room are alcohol related. What are the five top brands cited by patients in the emergency room as being the reason for their visit?

1. Budweiser
2. Steel Reserve
3. Colt 45
4. Bud Ice
5. Bud Light

Study was by Johns Hopkins.

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