Thanks to everyone who contributed

Thanks to everyone who contributed in our blowout sale. We raised $2000. Proceeds go to benefit the construction of an arts studio for kids in Long Beach.


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  1. Been thinking about getting a merch set for some time and this would seem like the perfect time! Will earlier orders help toward the fund aswell?

    Loving the show and keep up the awesome work!

  2. P├ęter Says:
    August 2, 2013 at 11:30 am

    “One final go” sounds scary. Hope it’s not too final. True though, my cheap ass should get some Lazlow merch already.

  3. Damn. This is a tough call. Buy Lazlow Show merch, or get GTA 5 which is what I’ve been saving up for this past month.

  4. Make sure to keep us updated on when this sale starts, we can’t miss this opportunity. Glad to be able to do more to help for Sandy victims, sending from Canada

  5. Hey lazlow, really, what’s with the “final”?

    I imagine you’re a bit worn from gtav, but are you finally gonna put this show down? It’d be a real shame.

  6. Great idea! Just put an order through.

  7. @Jorge I imagine the he means one final go for the merch not the show. Especially since the last show was actually on the radio I would hope that things are looking up for the show. Lets hope that Anthony can pull some strings now that O&A has its own station.

  8. Great idea, Laz.

    Just ordered.

    You could also raise money by telling the Master Blaster story – aka the source of your name story – when you reach x dollars!

  9. @JW Also I would pay for Reed’s family secrets

  10. Just made an order. Hope you raise alot. Its a great cause.

  11. Bought a box set and one “mystery” clothing item! All the best out there guys, you’re doing a great thing!

  12. Come on extra box set!! Seriously though, more than happy to fund the arts.

  13. Are there any Lazlow hoodies left/ going to be on sale at some point?

    Always wanted on of them but forgot about it

  14. just ordered mine! hope the site doesn’t go down! i love coming back and reading old posts. Hope you guys can get back into the swing of things. Would be a damn shame to never hear you guys again! listening to you guys since 2009 !!

  15. I bought one! I hope to get some good stuff in that mistery box.

    Good luck Laz! I hope you raise enough to reach your goal!

    Thank you!

  16. I just got my order. Thanks Lazlow. I feel inclined to order another, I might just order the boxset finally.

  17. I reckon this is it. Gta v out in a couple of weeks and still no “promo” show. That’s it guys, thanks for watching.

  18. Bought one too (international) and just got it to day. T-shirt and great rockstar/GTA stickers!

    thanks lazlow!

    Good Luck with GTAV can’t wait to play it

  19. That has been my favourite picture for as long as I can remember..(:

  20. I remember the show, It did made me blow.

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