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“An Army spokeswoman said the Army does not provide hormone therapy or sex-change surgery.”


Glad that’s all cleared up.

Full story here


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  1. 2 posts in a day? are you ok laz?

    you must be shitfaced lol

    Waiting for my mistery box to arrive!! I hope the blowout sale is doing good!

  2. Conner (Vice President of the retards) Says:
    August 27, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    Haha leave it to you guys to find the crazy shit that not too many people know about. From the mash ups to Selectavision to gay guys describing vaginas to retards trying to to show off the state of Texas (or god forbid try cooking). I’ve emailed you a few times but I actually went to an autistic school in Los Angeles for the first three years of high school because my pharmaceutical mother was convinced I had autism. Several autistic offspring of famous people went there too, like the son of the guy who co-wrote the first “Alien” movie. That kid was a fucking douchebag. Anyway I ended up being voted vice president of the school haha I definitely have some stories you would enjoy so once this game comes out (which I have been looking forward to since 2011) and you’re done doing all the promoting for it and have some time to do a show, give me a call. Just email me and let me know and I’ll give you my cell # or however all that works.

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  5. All make sense now.

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