The beer brands that will send you to the emergency room


One third of visits to the emergency room are alcohol related. What are the five top brands cited by patients in the emergency room as being the reason for their visit?

1. Budweiser
2. Steel Reserve
3. Colt 45
4. Bud Ice
5. Bud Light

Study was by Johns Hopkins.

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  1. Jason Holmes Says:
    August 21, 2013 at 9:29 pm


  2. OMG!!

    Are those kids really hitting the bottle?

    BTW, Laz….. When is the next show?

    And why are all the links broken to the old shows i can only find a few.
    I’d really like to buy the box set but I have to wait.

  3. Lazlow always providing us with the really important news.

  4. I drink faggy gluten free beer. Also is Wayne availble for interview for his new book?

  5. The real news is some people actually drink budweiser.

  6. Colt 45? Asked for comment, Lando said, “It’s not my fault!”

  7. I would have thought all those beers would have gone back to the shop in exchange for proper beer, not piss weak beer or water with beer flavouring.
    Get some proper beer in not fag weak American beer.

  8. Colt 45 often beats me, i just found myself lying on the couch and “ouch, my head is spinning” .

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