I got sunshine in a bag

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  1. I got sunshine in a ballbag.

    If I jerkoff under the rain, I cum rainbows.

  2. Fuckin a, will it be a podcast bullshit or legit radio play?

  3. You niggas is drunk

  4. Hey Lazlow I just found out my girlfriend bought me your boxset for valentines day been wanting it for a while I’m happy now lol.

    Anyways did you see the debate between Bill Nye (The science guy) vs. Ken Ham the CEO of The Answers of genesis? I wouldn’t mind hearing your take on this debate it’s on youtube.

    I don’t really want to spark a huge debate or anything I just wanted to know your standing on the subject of creation vs evolution, and I’m sure Big Wayne or you would have something really fucked up to say … and I really want to hear it haha.

  5. PS: Nigga get some more lazlow schwag up in this bitch stickers,T-shirts singed pictures of Big Wayne’s hair ass cheeks … something shit man lol. I have been trying to get more and more people to listen to your past shows, btw you guys need to do another show. And stop being bitches about the Master Blaster story for fucks sake!!

    Thanks for the laughs guys.

  6. I’m a douchebag

  7. The paragon of unritsdandeng these issues is right here!

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