Lazlow Show 51 is now posted

I don’t really know where to begin – but this show is off the charts.   What was revealed today – I don’t think anyone saw this coming…      I’ve said it before, but Wayne is a superhero.

The Lazlow Show Episode 51 can be downloaded here.

Beats mostly provided by my favorite DJ – DJ Schmolli




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  1. mikey_asteroid Says:
    May 27, 2014 at 5:11 am

    Big Wayne’s honesty should be commended – throughout the years of the Lazlow Show Wayne has always been honest and frank. It would be a good reason to write that book, to help pay his medical bills and at the same time be his new hobby as part of his reformed lifestyle.

    Thanks again guys for an enjoyable show.


  2. Best show ever!
    Im still in shock.

  3. Hey lazlow i dont know if you see this comment or not but i gotta say your show is awesome, i heard your programs in gta IV and i just loved it. In my country iran we dont have these type of radio shows you know live and fresh and its very interesting to listen to your shows.

    I wish you best of luck in the world !

  4. 6 months pass and Wayne’s sober and Bisexual. Wow things change

  5. New wayne’s not as fun and seems like someone who would try to conscript me into a cult.

  6. Cosmoknot Says:
    August 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

    I’ve been an avid fan since GTA3, I’ve loved every station you’ve been on since then and when I discovered this it game me many more hours on San Andreas because I had something new to listen to as I explored the game. I’d love to see a collection of mash-ups that you’ve featured. I’d like to have a CD of that to go with my Boxset.

  7. What’s Reed’s podcast site? The link below is broken.

  8. “Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead”.
    Mostly scooter pride talk, and a little bit about sweaty men unconfortably close to each other.

  9. I love GTA

  10. Geia sas,kai kali dunami gia to ergo sas!Endiaferomai gia tin gazilaa, ehw idi ena arseniko imiaimo kai 2 gatakia. Na me parete sto 6980437886. Euharistw polu.

  11. This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol

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