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I’m Lazlow.  You might remember me from public service videos such as “Life is a Bowl of Cigarettes” and “Vanity Plates Make Me Hate You” and “Molly Gives Her Family Molly.”

Or from my radio feature Lazlow’s Technofile, which was syndicated worldwide, The Lazlow Show which aired on K-Rock New York and Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and my previous work on and appearance in the Grand Theft Auto series of games.

I began my career working as a Content Creator in pizza, as well as in the Nutriment Arts where I excelled in Dynamic Culinary Grill Management at Sonic, in which I exceeded expectations at making Cherry Vanilla Dr. Peppers and delivering food to drunk people’s cars.

I soon abandoned the apron and entered the world of radio, where the pay is equally bad but you get to party backstage at concerts.  Following that, I formed a production company and provided creative services for advertising agencies, TV and radio networks, and produced some stellar answering machine and hold messages.

In 2001 I began working in video games, contributing to a large number of titles including Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

Currently I’m providing writing, producing and directing services for clients and working on a reboot of The Lazlow Show.   I’m also writing a book set in Costa Rica, as heatstroke, alcohol poisoning and venomous insects and reptiles is a perfect analogy for our modern age.

Need creative production work, voiceover, writing, or tips on working a soda fountain while hungover? Send me a message!

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My photography and random nonsense can be seen on Instagram

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