Lazlow is a writer, producer and director currently living in New York.   Besides talking about himself in the third person, he works on video games, radio and TV.    This website is the former home for The Technofile, a short form daily radio news feature that was syndicated worldwide from 1995 to 2007.  Discussing technology, software, video games, privacy and Internet issues, The Technofile was inducted into the Museum of Television and Radio as a pioneer in broadcasting.  Lazlow ended the show to focus on video games full time(making, not playing, but there’s been a lot of that too).   Lazlow was also the host of The Lazlow Show, which began in 2005 on K-ROCK in New York and moved to XM Satellite Radio.  An archive of all shows can be purchased for download here.   The Lazlow Show came to an end when one of the three hosts Big Wayne died due to complications with Cheeseburgers and Marlboros.   Here’s an animation of a clip of the show.

Since 2001 Lazlow has worked with Rockstar Games as a writer, producer and director.

Lazlow is @radiolazlow on twitter, where he posts very infrequently and @radiolazlow on Instagram, where he posts pictures of sunsets, monkeys, art and volcanos.  The Internet is a vapid bore filled with fights, gluttony and shame, and Instagram may be the only funny and positive experience left.

If you have questions you may contact him below.

You can own every episode of the Lazlow Show in mp3 form – all 51 shows – from the origins at K–Rock in New York City to satellite on XM, to Sirius, to broadcasts from Anthony’s house as well as ones recorded in Lazlow’s studio in Long Beach. It includes bits never before heard, including the original demo for the show. Each show is around 2 and 1/2 hours long.

The price is $22. Which is less than $1 a show. That might actually be close to 50 cents. Anyway, all proceeds go to Big Wayne’s wife. Big Wayne was a radio genius – and there are hours of his best material here.

Download the Lazlow Show Complete Box Set - 3.2GB
Download the Lazlow Show Complete Box Set - 3.2GB
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